The Art of Play: Open-Ended Toys...

A few years ago we noticed that Target (yes, Tar-zhay) carries a line of toys that aren't your run of the mill crayon-colored plastic toys found in the other aisles. Instead, these seemed to offer discovery and an opportunity to (dare I say it) actually learn something. As important, they looked cool, were well made and had somewhat of an eco-friendly vibe to them. The brand? B. Toys.

I have to say, I love this brand. We have slowly added more of their items to our toy cabinet. My little one is really into solving problems and building structures. She loves items like their A-Maze Loopty Loo and the Stackadoos.

While they do use plastic, there is an earth-loving angle to the packaging. You should take a look at the company's story and of course... their toys. Once you see how much your child's imagination lights up, you won't regret it.