Wanderlusting: Explore...

For some reason I've become poignantly aware of those with what can only be described as tired souls. These are genuinely good people who seem to be enduring their days rather than living them. We have all been guilty of this crime at some point or another. It is permissible as a momentary mood, but not as an ongoing mindset.

Have you looked around? Have you seen this amazing planet we are on? Have you been to every remote corner? Sped down a narrow passageway on a Vespa? Gazed adoringly at Pietà and wondered silently how Michelangelo could have extracted this masterpiece from a single piece of marble? Have you kissed someone on the observation deck at the Eiffel? Have you breathed in the wet air in the rainforest and listened to the cacophony of sounds by the living things around you?

Wake up, people. Your role her is not to sit at a desk and work. Your opportunity is to embrace life... to go, to do, to love, to laugh, to experience, to delight your senses, to experience joy. To LIVE your life. If you need give your soul a good shake by the shoulders, may this humble post be your motivation. Life is whipping by at an astonishing speed. If you keep telling yourself "someday" you'll do this and that, you are deluding yourself. Someday is today.

There are camels waiting to be ridden, temples awaiting your visit, art you need to experience, architecture begging for admiration, sunrises to be seen, people to meet and faraway places to explore. Stop wasting your days. Write down the desires of your heart and decide how to leverage your tools (time, money, wits, connections etc) to go. Just go. Go far. Go often. Just go.

Am I saying life doesn't get the better of you sometimes? Of course not. Challenges arise, obstacles block your path. But to stay in a limited mindset is an insult to your very being. We all have a special gift. Maybe you are a master at making the "mother sauces" so lauded by Le Cordon Bleu. Go cook! Venture out and learn to cook with masters. Save up so that you can give up your desk job and pursue a culinary career. Become a chef. Visit the Tuscan countryside and let an Italian grandmother share her most prized recipes.

The point is... lift yourself up and go do that very thing you've been wanting to do. Live. I dare you.

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