Wanderlusting: Follow Me...

Everything about this unusual art project is amazing. In case you have not seen the meme floating about on Facebook, Russian photographer Murad Osmann documents being led around the world by his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova in a series of fascinating images. I believe the reason we connect with the photos is that we each fall into one of these roles on a trip... the enthusiastic leader or the one being (un)willingly pulled along. I'm certainly guilty of tugging at Mr. Venti's arm and ushering him on to the next great thing ahead both on a jetsetting journey and off.

And can we all share a moment for her attention to detail on the manicures? Each closeup of her nail art is more impressive than the next. By comparison, her rear view has been given a welcome upgrade since the first installment of photographs. Here her sartorial fabulousness, yoga-toned frame and chameleon-like transformation in relation to the locale wows us in every frame. Open-back dresses, embellished gold jeans and beaded gowns delight the eyes. And, oh yes, the famous sights and scenery are spectacular as well. 

As you might imagine, I would love to create a series of photos like this. Wouldn't we all? It seems so. The globetrotting duo has sparked a desire in all of us to see the world and document the journey in like-minded photos. You can follow the movement here, but be sure to see the first installment to get a sense of the duo's progression. This simple concept is lovely indeed, both for us as spectators and for the romantic couple as a visual trail of their adventures.

So I ask you... as you move through life, do you envision yourself as the leader or the one being led? When you see these images, which role do you instantly relate to? I believe the knee-jerk response tells us everything.

I see these strong photographs and giggle inside, as I am without a doubt the long-haired girl, pulling along everyone who will come on my life journey with me. Some let go as soon as they have the opportunity out of fear of being thrilled and delighted by life, perhaps the sun shining on their face is too bright for them. Or perhaps their life journey is leading them eslewhere. Others along the way cling to my hand as though their very existence depended upon it... hoping energy and enthusiasm rub off on them.  

The most enjoyable companions are the ones who gaily skip beside you, bounding from one great life spectacle to the next. These special souls are our very closest friends, our lovers, the key players in our life with whom we are equally yoked. When you find these special individuals, skip along side them and cherish each moment. They are special and to be celebrated and enjoyed. 

Which type are you? Which kind of individual would you like to be? It's never, ever too late to decide to be more bold or more adventurous. Decide today to forge a path that others want to follow. And don't ever, ever look back.