Feeling Bookish: Classical Chinese Furniture...

It's fair to say that most creatives are lifelong learners. There's something in our wiring that makes us hunger for new things, new places, new textures, new ideas and information. But where would all of this "newness" be without a little history and reference upon which to build? This is why I LOVE books. Books are marvelous things.

One new tome coming out that I can't wait to get my manicured hands on is Classical Chinese Furniture by Marcus Flacks. He does a few things for us in this volume. He educates us on the secrets of timber, joinery, regional production, and the art of restoration of these fine - and often quite rate pieces. More importantly he presents 52 masterpieces to us in this glossy photo-filled book - most of which have never been published.

Why is this so cool? If you take a look around at the furniture landscape you'd be amazed at how much influence Chinese furniture has upon modern silhouettes and forms. The book offers important lessons on the Chinese approach to furniture design. I'll give you a hint: it's a lot more complex and in harmony with their way of life than you might imagine. The book talks offers insights on aesthetics, craftsmanship, architecture, and culture.

The next time you're at that cocktail party you'll know your drum stools from your corner leg stools better than anyone else in the high-heeled crowd. And isn't that what these pretty books are all about?