Musings: On Just Saying Yes...

We just finished watching Yes Man, the recent Jim Carrey release. I've got to admit, the message isn't lost on me. Saying yes to what life places before you is a very Zen approach to life, and one I've been encountering more and more these days. In many of the books on my nightstand I've noticed a recurring theme, that good things are trying to come your way if you'll oly let them. That it's often you stand in the way of your own success. And if you'll stop fighting the current and go with it you'll discover that your life experience is so much better than the one you were fighting to establish.

This doesn't sound very compatible with achievement and goal setting...but are they in fact diametrically opposed? I'm not so sure. What opportunities would life place your way if you just stopped resisting? If you didn't hesitate each time you received an invitation, where would that leg of the journey carry you? What if those invitations, chances and opportunities are the answers to your master plan? What if each time you said yes to what seems to be a random event, it was actually putting you closer to your goals?

Saying yes doesn't mean you're an agreeable flake that doesn't make their own decisions. It seems the secret is to consciously choose to try new things that seemed like roadblocks before. It means adding more adventure, more fun and more experimentation to your experience.

I'm going to add "yes" to my process right now. Yes to opportunities that seem like diversions. Yes to chances that seem anathema to my goals. Yes to life's opportunities. Things are going so swimmingly well right now, that it seems like the perfect time. I'm not fighting the current. I'm not forcing things. So let's see if this added bit of Eastern flair makes an impact in my Western approach to success.

What about you? Are you saying "no" to life?