Musings: Tribute...

Every once in a while I come across a shoe that possesses so many ideal qualities it can only be described as perfection. These (almost completely sold out!) YSL Nude Tribute sandals are my idea of the quintessential shoe. Sexy, stylish and perfectly designed. Avid fans swear by the comfort of the design. Those of us needing the extra height (me, me, me!) love how the platform - and especially this nude shade - elongate the leg to near Gisele proportions. So long as the platform is en vogue, you might be able to call this shoe 'classic' (please, dear Shoe Gods... grant us permission to don the platform for many years to come). At least that's what I tell myself when I'm drooling at it and it's eqally jawdropping price tag.

I'll share a little secret... it's my birthday today (yay!) and I'd rather have this pretty little pair of shoes than any other sweet confection in the world! YSL sales are everywhere, so if you see this beauty (or her equally fabulous black sister), give me a shout! And yes, I'm serious about that. I'm looking everywhere for this baby.

But my real special tribute today is to you, dear readers. That's right, gorgeous... YOU! Thank you for another year of amazing comments, heartfelt emails and growing friendships. Blogging, tweeting and facebooking have enriched my life in ways I never expected, and I look forward to what the future holds for all of us. If you're willing to jump in head first and ride the waves being onlline is a terrific experience. My Venti wish for 2010? To meet as many of my online friends (ahem... that would be you) as possible and deepen my connections with all the rest.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just get together for a bit of shoe shopping and lunch at Neiman's? Maybe start the day with a power yoga class and pedicures to prepare us for the onslaught of strappy designer sandals - that ust happen to be on sale? *sigh* To me, that's a perfect day. Here's to you, stylish friends. Here's to you! Mmmmmmwah!