Tot Fashion: Il Gufo...

When it comes to children's clothing I feel I've seen it all. With two little girls and dozens of stylish mommy girlfriends, the world of children's apparel is no mystery to me. Or so I thought. A few weeks back I was introduced to Il Gufo and my eyes were opened to the delightful possibilities for dressing my budding beauties.

Founded by Giovanna Miletti, an Italian mother of three with a passion for dressing her little ones in style, the luxury apparel line was born. I can tell you with great authority that these are by far the most well constructed pieces of children's fashion I've ever come across.

These beautiful dresses shown above on my daughters are impeccably sewn, fully lined and feature dressmaker details typically reserved for luxury adult apparel. But don't let the finely sewn seems fool you, their tagline says it all. Children dressed as children. These are age appropriate styles that parents will appreciate and kids will enjoy.

An additional bonus that I enjoyed is the ability to order the items in sizes to suit my girls of different ages. At age 2 and 6 they are very keen on dressing the same. This is a sweet spot in their life when being sisters is one of their greatest joys. Il Gufo's range of sizes allows siblings to coordinate in perfectly scaled individual pieces. My girls could not possibly have been happier with the dresses. I could tell they felt like princesses each time they wore the gowns. Clothes do indeed make a difference in our outlook on life. My oldest told me she could not wait to wear hers in Rome on our next trip. I love that!

Made from cotton & Elastan, these A-line taffeta gowns exude a fabulously elegant look perfect for summer weddings, photo sessions and Sunday church. Here in Dallas there are opportunities aplenty for dressing up. We'll be using these throughout the season for events and photo opps. 

I cannot express enough how impressed I am with not just the quality of the pieces, but the thoughtful design details and customer service. Each dress arrived on the hanger, carefully protected and ready to be worn. No pressing necessary. If you're familiar with shopping online for children's apparel you will no doubt agree that this is a rarity. 

Lest you think they only cater to those seeking picture-perfect dresses (which they excel at), Il Gufo offers everyday apparel for both boys and girls from ages 0 through 14. From polos and plaid shorts to beachwear, this is a small yet varied line that offers an outfit for every occasion. This is an amazing brand that has enlightened my viewpoint on the potential for dressing my girls. I look forward to sharing more of their incredible pieces with you dear readers.

Take a look at their site and explore for yourself. All items can be ordered online and shipped right to your door... no trip to Italy necessary. They even have a boutique in New York for those of you on the East Coast. Be sure to like them on facebook, as they do a fabulous job of dishing up style advice and sneak peeks of new introductions. I know you'll fall in love with Il Gufo just as I have done! 

Curious about the name Il Gufo? I was as well. It means "the owl" in Italian. Learn more about the brand and the origins of the name here.