Icons: Ford's Focus...

Last night I read an interesting interview with Tom Ford via esquire. He dishes on fatherhood, his loathing of short pants, the importance of maintaining tight abs and other tidbits. Here are a few of my choice quotes:

"The most important thing a man can do is exercise and maintain his weight. Because that’s the key to looking youthful."

I liked that one because it applies to all humans. Exercise adds color to your face and delivers that natural glow better than any NARS product possibly could. 

"I don’t shout. Shouting is wasted energy. It embarrasses people in front of other people."

So much wisdom packed into this. He is absolutely right of course. Shouting, in my opinion, is a display of being out of control. It reflects terribly on the person doing the shouting, and visibly wounds the one on the receiving end. Don't do it. 

"If I were straight and I were trying to seduce a woman, I could do it just by standing up at the table when she came back from the bathroom. It works. Every time I do that, all the straight men are sitting at the table and their wives are kicking them."

Wise observation, Mr. Ford. Wise observation. Chivalry is most certainly an appealing quality in a man. 

It's clear from this (and every) interview with the fashion icon that confidence is not something Mr. Ford lacks. In the interview he candidly admits to having little or no fashion industry expertise in his early career. I love a self-made star who is simply "born with it" and then works tirelessly to achieve the level of success Tom has. He's an interesting fellow showing no signs of stopping or ceasing to evolve. At 53 (yesterday was his birthday) he's as relevant today as he was during those revolutionary Gucci years.

Happy belated birthday, Tom. And keep those abs tight. We're watching. And by all means, please keep making those amazing sunglasses. We love them.