Mind & Body: Surefire Morning Mood Boosters...

Looking for a better way to start your days? I am always refining my morning rituals & routines. Since I was little I've always woken up well before the sun rises... a trait I share with my grandfather.

Fast forward to today with two little girls in my life and my awesome silent bubble of morning bliss has surely been popped. Those cuties who were sound asleep wake up the moment you do and are eager to see what fun things mommy has in store for them. In short, I need as much go-go juice in the morning as I can get.

How do I fuel up body and mind sans coffee? Here are a few of my secrets for getting glammed, gorgeous and and feeling truly alive and ready to conquer the day... (Surprise: the words coffee and laptop are not part of the formula.)

You've heard me wax on and on about yoga. It truly works for me. While I believe practicing at a studio will develop you as a yogi, all you really need is a mat and a willingness to explore this different style of working out. It is truly the best thinking I do all day and the most efficient workout I've ever done. Toned glutes and clear thinking? Zen bliss indeed! 

In terms of green drinks:  I'm a fan of green lemonade but I'm always looking for more efficient ways to optimize my energy and really revitalize my body. After all, a glow from within cannot be faked even with the best of blushes! I'm eager to try Aloha's line of products. Until I do, I'm using this stuff and I love it. Tip: ease into it. try half a scoop to start and work up to a full scoop. Powerful!

Breakfast: my ALL time favorite meal. I'm presently obsessed with these pans for my veggie omlettes. They are the best pans I've found and are completely non-toxic, non-stick and just AMAZING. Super happy with this purchase and I feel better knowing my cookware isn't slowly poisoning me.  Also, I've gone gluten free and an wowed by the difference in my health. Supercharged indeed. 

Beauty: hello! You deserve to maximize that healthy post-workout/post-juice glow with a good glamming session. Read about my beauty routine here, but meet my new lipstick obsession in Blush Nude courtesy of one Mr. Tom Ford. It's that amazing shade of nude that has just a hint of pink to make you look pout perfect. 

About that music: My Pandora (or Spotify) + Sonos combo is heaven for me. Wireless speakers bumping the best sound I've ever heard, plus a never-ending source of music is heaven. I have created 100 stations using Pandora and wouldn't dream of living a day without Salsa, Bollywood or Cafe Ibiza tunes streaming throughout the house. Music can alter your emotions so quickly that it's a wonderful tool for energizing a household or creating a chill atmosphere. Try it, commit to it and you'll never live without this mood booster in your life again. 

These might seem like small adjustments to your life or perhaps this would be an entire habit overhaul. All I can attest to is that these behavior patterns launch me into a more dynamic day and set me up for success. Isn't that a great way to start a day? Now... go kick some morning booty!