Current Obsessions: Altuzarra Love...

Every blogger & fashionista I know has already pawed through the collection in person, but I was traveling this week. So it's only now I'm jumping online to determine if Altuzarra for target lives up to the buildup of heavy expectation. Is it wrong to admit that I secretly hoped the furniture from the ads would be for sale at Target? Alas, that gilt & linen bergere is not part of the collection (nor is the desk or the bed or the lamp... but I digress!).

As you may have noticed, I don't readily jump on the "for Target" collab bandwagon easily. I must have a genuine love of the designer beforehand (which in this case I do) and then I love to evaluate the success of the interpretation into mainstream affordability. This pretty group of pieces seems to excel in subtlety, which already helps me like it. I believe this is the type of capsule collection that reads best in person and seems a bit less impactful online. Precious details don't reveal themselves easily online and it seems Altuzarra didn't disappoint us in the details here. 

My initial impression is that these are unabashedly feminine pieces. These are pieces for women not afraid to reveal their romantic side. What's not to love about that? Later today I'll go see this and can better determine the "wow" factor by examining workmanship and attention to the details that really matter like seams, materials used and scale. Boots made from man-made materials are not something I covet, but I can certainly see the stylish appeal of these as well as the ankle-strap pumps. Super chic and reasonably priced. 

A few key pieces stood out amidst the black lace crowd via the website. My favorites are below (including the aforementioned boots and pumps). 


That's it for my carefully curated picks. See the entire Altuzarra for Target collection & discover your own favorites here