Musings: On Being Fabulous...

I have some amazing girlfriends, I really do. So it pains me when they are limiting their life's potential with negative words, thoughts or actions. As southerners you will always encounter modesty, but that isn't what I'm referring to. I'm talking about amazing women who seem to want to downplay or deny their own fabulousness until the flame that burns within them is almost extinguished.  

They key to tapping into joy in life is embracing your unique light and celebrating those things about you which are beautiful. Giving yourself permission to shine bright. Giving yourself permission to unleash your fierceness - even if your fierceness is a quiet roar. Ladies, let me tell you... there are so many beautiful things about all of you. You are all amazing in so many ways. YOU ARE FABULOUS. Stop telling the world - and therefore yourselves - that you are anything less. 

Maybe the world doesn't spend enough time telling us that we are gifted and amazing in small and wondrous ways... and that those are the ways that matter most. Maybe magazines airbrush life into an impossible to achieve utopia. Maybe you're too busy building up your children or your husband or your sister or your roommate or your business. When will you focus your attention on building yourselves up? You truly are a miraculous creature. Isn't it time you gave yourself permission to feel incredible?

Let me give it to you straight: You've got to give up negative self talk. No one has a greater influence on you and your beliefs than YOU. Knowing this, you begin to realize you need to fill you pretty heart and head with GOOD things. Glorious things. Positive things. I don't mean pixie dust and rainbows... I mean you have to make an effort to develop more productive thoughts and fill yourself with mind-stretching, life-enhancing beliefs.

You've got to step up and decide to love yourself every day in every way. You've got to boldly begin telling yourself you're an incredible, rare and exceedingly special creature - because you are. The first step to falling in love with your life is by falling in love with you.

The good news is this: you have everything you need within you. You speak more to yourself during the day via your thoughts and actions than anyone could ever utter to you aloud. All that self-talk provides a killer opportunity for positive self programming. Start showering yourself with the praise you deserve. Start unleashing your utter fabulousness and give yourself the freedom to be amazing because YOU ARE INCREDIBLE.

Start declaring your fabulousness to yourself and pretty soon you'll start believing it. Repeat the process long enough and those new positive self-talk habits will redefine you and ultimately allow you to achieve the joy and success in life you truly crave. Not sure how to begin? Grab a book or two and brace yourself for a life overhaul. 

Much like nutrition and your body, good thoughts flowing into the mind generate good thoughts flowing out of the mind (and mouth). You are in control of every thought and action you experience, so it's time to gain control of that powerful command center known as your mind. Ladies... do yourselves a favor and embrace life by tapping into your unlimited potential and recognizing your existing successes. I believe in you and i know you believe in you too.