Feeling Bookish: Haute Couture Ateliers...

I love it when a book arrives on the scene at a meaningful moment. As we are soaking in the finery of all that London Fashion Week & Milan Fashion week have to offer, Haute Couture Ateliers arrived in the mail. To say that I read it at one sitting is stating the obvious. Page after page of incredible details reveal not only moments of the models' lives backstage, but also the craftsmanship and desire to create a moment of perfection that goes into each garment. 

From unimaginable accordion pleats to the most decadently beaded gowns, this book is a beautiful celebration of the artistry that is Haute Couture. Each individual piece is a masterpiece all its own, so seeing details up close and then their finished look in runway stills is a feast for the eyes. 

Author Hélène Farnault gives us what feels like a true VIP experience as we see the couture world through her eyes. This unfettered access to the best fashion artisans on the planet is a gift for any true fashion lover - and frankly, anyone remotely creative. Hélène gives us a visual and written tour of what (at least for me) is the mysterious world of behind closed doors fashion. Couture is about fantasy and magical creations that allow us - all of us, even if only by extension - to see ourselves as true originals. 

I loved the pulling back on the curtain that Haute Couture Ateliers provided and will look again and again at the fanciful sketches, creations and photos. If you want a peek into the rarified world of couture fashion and leading edge designers, add this remarkable book to your library 

{images via ArchDigest}