Icons: The Sweetness of Lauren Conrad...

It's impossible to say the name Lauren Conrad without imagining her perfectly tousled loose curls and LA meets Audrey Hepburn style. She radiates chic in the most laid-back way possible. For me it's been a not-so-hidden love affair with her hair, her classic wardrobe and her ability to quietly keep moving forward in a quiet, understated way. While other reality TV starlets become gossip tabloid fodder, LC has quietly been building her fashion empire and - oh, yes - even getting married.

While some of you might find her a tad predictable, I wholeheartedly admire a girl who identifies her signature style early on and commits to it. Lauren has long loved Chanel and long flowy skirts. She prefers billowy blouses and often wears flats in spite of her small stature. A modern day icon, Lauren always looks timeless and perfectly polished without ever looking overdone. That, ladies, is called nailing it.

Hoping to channel your inner LC? Think classic pieces with slightly relaxed styling and a whole lot of Chanel and you're all set. For wardrobe builders akin to Lauren's signature sweet style, I would encourage you to seek classic colors like black, white and cream and timeless accessories like a great Chanel bag and logo necklaces. And don't be afraid to add a few hearts here & there to really seal the deal. 


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