Perspective: Expect Great Things...

Thoughts truly do become things. Have you ever ridden a bike and stared off to one side? Your handlebars will more than likely begin to turn that way too. Have you ever played out a situation in your mind over and over and expected the worst and lo and behold, it became your reality? Believe it or not, your thoughts caused those results to occur. 

What we focus on we will bring into being. Knowing this, isn't the key to life simple? Focus on those things you DO want in your life. Focus on happiness. Focus on what is GOOD. Focus on what you LOVE. Focus on health and BEING healthy. Focus on the things you dream of and long for in life. Dwell on those things. Dwell on GOOD things. Appreciate all that is wonderful. Celebrate the good and you will create more goodness.

It's not complicated, but it isn't always easy either. You have to train your mind to obey you. It's human nature to worry and mentally go off course, but a disciplined mind can be yours with a little practice.  

Frankly, this is one of the best parts of this blog for me. I look back over the years and I see old posts and I realize I've brought everything to pass for obsessing over them. Those intentions? They became my future. Those plans? Accomplished. Those goals? Realized. Those shoes? Now in the closet. That city? Visited! That room? Designed! That baby? Now a toddler. Beyond that, these are my thoughts, my dreams, my passions and my life. If you want to know who I am, just read a few posts, go through the archives and read... truly read. 

What about you? Do you journal? Do you have an inspiration board? Do you "put it all out there" for yourself to see? I feel it's important. I feel that you must design the life you want to live the life you crave. Remember: it's never, ever too late to start living the life you envision for yourself. Start TODAY. 

Need help? Consider getting yourself a Day Designer as I'll be doing for 2015.