Art & Design: Abstract Artist Terri McGhee...

I've recently had the pleasure of discovering the work of Terri McGhee. This talented creative force actually lived just a few doors down the street. While it may seem that the abstract painting market is saturated, when I saw her work I was floored.

Her beautiful techniques vary widely from piece to piece, and her color palette seems to know no boundaries. I am truly impressed by the range demonstrated in her body of work. Each beautiful canvas looks so wonderfully different from the next!

What makes her intriguing is her layered background. Terri earned a degree in fashion merchandise buying, but while doing so was also earning success as a model for Christian Dior. Imagine the feeling of walking on stage in those magnificently designed gowns and dresses, all while studying the industry from the inside out.

Later she went on to be a singer, performing on stage for audiences all across the country. She somehow managed to squeeze all of that "life" in while raising two sons with her husband. Fast forward to "now" on her life timeline and we see her expressing herself via these magnificent abstracts. Aren't all great artist stories varied and interesting like this? I believe so. 

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from her portfolio. Wondering where to order her art for your walls? That's coming soon. You'll be hearing more about Terri McGhee's work here over the coming months... so stay tuned art fans!