Feeling Bookish: Chic Hardcovers For Everyone...

Photo   Jamie Drake & Associates   for Kips Bay Showhouse

Photo Jamie Drake & Associates for Kips Bay Showhouse

An Invitation to the Garden // The Architecture of Diplomacy // Dior: The Legendary Images // Staircases: The Architecture of Ascent // Baccarat: Two Hundred and Fifty Years

When it comes to design books we can never have enough. From guilty pleasures like Tom Ford's now ubiquitous coffee table book to detail-oriented tomes by today's most noteworthy designers, we love them all. 

If you're looking for the perfect gift, or even just a few extra titles for yourself, you've come to the right place. I have beautiful books for everyone on your list. Including you.

Why books? Frankly, few things thrill me quite as much as books arriving in the mail or discovering them wrapped in pretty paper. I can think of few gifts quite as special. Perhaps it's because I am a visual creature and crave a heavy diet of information - both visual and written - to maintain my level of creative output. Perhaps it's because the book has risen to star status in the world of home decor. Perhaps it's because of the sheer joy of discovering that what is within the hardback covers is so much more than you could have ever hoped. It's all of these reasons, really... isn't it? 

So when I think of great gifts to give and receive, I instinctively begin doing an inventory of wonderful titles I've recently read. The five contained in this post are all so spectacular and so uniquely different. Each could easily be given to a separately to recipients on your gift list - or perhaps given to one really terrific friend. Each volume is gorgeous in its own right and dripping with thoughtful content, making your lucky recipient glow with delight. 

My tip: grab an extra copy of each for yourself so you and your well read friend can share in the joy of gushing over a great read together. I promise you'll love each and every one of these. 

An Invitation to the Garden // The Architecture of Diplomacy // Dior: The Legendary Images // Staircases: The Architecture of Ascent // Baccarat: Two Hundred and Fifty Years