Show Me Your Dallas: Shay Geyer...

Ask a native Dallas girl to show you her city, and you'll need to brace yourself for a whirlwind of an adventure. Shay Geyer, daughter of remarkable designer & entrepreneur Beth Rafferty, took on the challenge with glee. We began our busy day at IBB Design, the family-owned showroom where she spends her days. If you're wondering, the "B" in IBB stands for Beth. Shay is second-generation Dallas design royalty and it shows in everything she does. 

The showroom itself offers two floors of some of the best brands in the furniture business. Shay and I have had the pleasure of meeting a few times in High Point. We're both guilty of spending too much time in the Hickory Chair showroom. That appreciation for fine quality is reflected in the pieces on display at her business. Room upon room of beautifully styled vignettes featuring Henredon, Maitland-Smith, Century, Barclay Butera, Thomas O'Brien & Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair and other greats humble even the most seasoned ASID member. 

IBB itself is a full service interior design business. The showroom serves as both retail showroom and to-the-trade resource, making it a must-see for anyone with a penchant for design. I've been in a few times myself, but never seem to canvas the entire property. When you go, don't miss the glistening John Richard room. {Insider tip: Don't see what you're looking for? Ask for a peek inside the attached warehouse and prepare to have your breath taken away.}

Next, we ventured to the Design District for a visit to one of her favorite art galleries, Samuel Lynne Galleries. Shay expressed such fondness for the works of JD Miller, a "reflectionist" (his words) who is the great mind behind a method he refers to as acrylic sculpting. Rather than flat, framed works, JD's pieces have a true depth to them that makes them almost leap from the canvas. We were blessed to discover he was in that morning, and he was gracious enough to share his methodology and his inspiration. 

As lovely as his work was (and it is glorious) it was the artist's personality and warmth that made me an instant fan. he believes that we are all responsible for producing positivity and good energy. His works are his way of giving out what he seeks to return. Just listening to him speak was enough to make me want to rush home and begin expressing my own good works. 

For a real treat, be sure to attend a live in-studio event on May 21. JD will demonstrate his signature 3-D oil technique from 6-9 that evening. It's an experience you surely will not want to miss. RSVP here.

After seeing so much color and beauty, it was going to be difficult for our next stop to impress. But leave it to a Dallas event to blow away any predetermined expectations. Just after the clock struck noon we were elbow to elbow with fellow fashionistas at Stephanie Anne in Highland Park Village. If any city honors it's own, it's Dallas. Stephanie Anne is a multi-talented designer with a remarkable eye for style. She transformed her home accessory showroom into a DJ-spinning, champagne serving charity fête. We were in another world the moment we walked in the door.

The Super 10 Event served two purposes: it introduced her new line of glamorous jewelry and supported 10 remarkable charities. As attendees sipped cocktails and chatted, we were treated to a fashion show of her colorful and flowy jersey dresses and her impressively hand-crafted gold jewelry. Think: Egyptian royalty and you're almost there. Her pieces reminded me of those found on Pharoahs in ancient Egypt. This is no ordinary collection, and Stephanie Anne (by coincidence, a St. Louis native) is no ordinary entrepreneur. These 24K gold-dipped pieces are sure to be a hit.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I can't wait to see what she launches next. It's fun to see someone turn their stylish vision into reality. Swing by the glamorous boutique to see the pieces in person. Or... take note that Neiman Marcus will also be carrying her fine, fabulous pieces. Stephanie, I'll be seeing you again soon!

Like two modern-day Cinderellas, Shay and I soon realized that 1:30 was upon us and we had to return to reality. Translation: in the middle of this fun day of play and projects we have little ones, both of whom were due to be picked up from school in minutes. Our moments in crystal slippers were fading quickly and it was time to jump back to reality. Time to roll!

Looking back, I'm not sure how Shay does it all. Later that night she headed back out for an industry party honoring the launch of D Home Magazine's new blog. She's a very busy girl and I appreciated her taking time out to show me her version of the city. She's deeply woven into the fabric of this city's busy social scene and effortlessly glides from one role to the next.

Shay, thank you for such a fun outing. I look forward to our next adventure, as I know you still have dozens of fun locations up your sleeve! Hopefully we'll have a bit more time!