Quotes: Optimism = Achievement...

Life isn't nearly as complex as it's made out to be. Expect marvelous things, wonderful things, happy things, positive things and watch those results come to fruition. I assure you, negative people don't often discover wonderful surprises. And when they do, they don't recognize them. 

Want to live an extraordinary life filled with wonder and awe? Of course you do. How does that happen? By waking up each day expecting marvelous things to happen to you, to your family, to your friends. You've got to believe it so fiercely that you radiate good vibes and excitement. Something great is indeed going to happen because you're open to the magic the world has to offer. For me, this ties directly into faith. Faith that my God wants me to flourish and be a beacon of light for those around me. For you it might be driven by other foundations. Whatever your reason or driving force, tap into your childlike expectation of wonder. Expect the awesome to wow you and delight the desires of your heart. 

Expect great things. Believe great things are happening. Receive that amazing goodness into your life. Then be grateful for it and share the love with those around you... thus creating a circle of loving joy.

Happy Monday!