Perspective: Courage...

I've been seeing variations on this theme everywhere I look, so it seems perhaps the universe (or maybe just Pinterest ;) is trying to tell me something. This Oprah quote is such a simple yet profound thought. We do indeed get in life what we have the courage to ask for. Whether it's a dream client, a dream house or a dream spouse - if you don't make it clear you want it (or them) you very likely won't be rewarded with the desires of your heart.  I

Sound greedy or pushy? Nonsense. It's how the world works and it's even biblical. Psalm 20:4 says "May he give you what your heart desires, and may he fulfill all your plans." Later in that chapter it says "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." 

I bring this up because somewhere along the line we seem to (and by we I mean a collective we as in many women and even men)  have mistaken politeness for letting our needs be pushed aside. It's one thing is someone else is standing in the way of your dreams. It's another if you are indeed the culprit. 

Is something stopping you from asking for what you want? Fear of failure? Or worse - fear of success? Seriously, it's time to get over yourself and start chasing your dreams. I know more people stuck in analysis paralysis these days and it pains me to see it. These amazing people are talking in circles about what they wish or what they want or what they feel they deserve. Nothing is stopping them from achieving their dreams except for the complicated story lines they have running through their minds. The result? No progress and more anxiety. 

It's simple... know what you want, have the courage to ask for it and get out of your own way so it can happen. Simple. As. That.

Thank you, O, for the no-nonsense quote. I hope it kickstarts someone's master plan today.