Trendspotting: Fabulous Florals for 2015...

Diane absolutely shut it down with her ethereal collection at #NYFW. Between the breezy chiffon fabrics and the oversized and modernized floral prints, I was overcome by her shameless femininity. DVF often reads a bit more modern and strong female power, but I dare say she's tapped into the theme of boldness in softness (which I adore!) and is showcasing the most powerful asset we have as women: our femininity. 

Not limited to just one style, Diane showed us gingham, florals, stripes, suiting, pants, skirts, solids and every hemline possible. We're loving her bold thigh-high slits but it's her prettier looks we adore more. Full skirts, matching jackets and the dreamiest tangerine meets hot pink combo you ever did see. And... did I mention Naomi Campbell ended the show. Enough said. See the full scoop here

Following her on Instagram is so inspiring, as it offer glimpses into the behind-the-scenes action. Diane's instructions to the girls on the catwalk was "Be happy, be sexy, be the woman you want to be. Smile!" which set the tone for the show. Bouncy hair, perfect makeup a colorful pouts further pushed the feminine mindset. I can barely wait for these beautiful pieces to hit the showroom floors. In the meantime, here's a little current season DVF for to inch you closer to next year's full-on flowery look.