Wanderlusting: Every Voyage Begins with a Single Step...

I've been reading a lot more lately. Not books... but blogs, forums and lengthy facebook posts exploring the motivations of blogs, bloggers and online publications in general. After reading through old conversation threads and participating in new ones I found myself doing a bit of soul searching. Why on earth do I blog? What are my motivations? 

Frankly, I do it because I enjoy it. I do it to sort out and explore my thoughts, to document and share my personal journey, to push myself to grow, to remind myself to pull my head out of the sand and TRAVEL. To perhaps maybe inspire others to stop settling. I do it because I feel deeply compelled to put this content out there - for me and for perhaps that small handful of people who enjoy a swift kick in the motivational booty now and then. I do it to inspire both you and myself. 

The most beautiful aspect, however is the interaction and connection with people. Over the years I've built great relationships on and offline with so many of you. It's the bright upside to blogging (and Twitter, Facebook & Instagram). It's the relationships that grow that make it so fun. When they morph into real life girlfriends it's so much sweeter. 

My weakness as a blogger is this: I don't carve out much time to study blogs. I do love reading posts via facebook when the title or the author catches my eye (Erin's captivating content always woos me), but by and large I'm authoring what I hope is original content inspired by my present life, my present interests and my present outlook. 

The motivation: to express what inspires me and to perhaps inspire and connect with you. 

In life it's a poor idea to compare yourself to others.  I hope you feel the same internal cravings for personal achievement and realizing your personal best that I do. The desire to develop ourselves, to bloom into our individual personal best versions of ourself is, I hope, a universal crazing. If a post or a series of posts can spark something in you and encourage you to raise your personal standards or goals so that you can reach your highest personal potential... that's beautiful. 

So I hope you enjoy reading simply because you enjoy reading and connecting. If I inspire you to buy the ticket, take the ride and escape any negative lifestyle ruts then I'm thrilled. If a post is in any way a catalyst - even for myself - to shake things up and reach for the stars... this entire seven+ year process of blogging has been worth every moment. And it is. especially when you share your great selves with me. 

I urge you to explore magazines or pinterest to identify some far flung place you've never been but always dreamed of visiting. Does Paris call you? Cambodia? Thailand? Portugal? Some remote surfing destination on Australia's coast? Then it's time to go. Begin planning that trip. Begin ACTIVELY making plans to get there. First with a cursory look at things to do and then with a more specific plan of where you'd like to stay and your ideal activity list once there. Buy the ticket. Take the ride. Make it happen. Life is fleeting, and you'll regret not going. 

So tell me... where do you want to go this year? What do you hope to achieve during this year? Will you visit Sicily and start your business? Will you finally enroll in that art program you've been considering? Will you finally open yourself to truly loving someone? Will you bravely begin your journey towards healthy living? I hope to see you GO and GROW this year. I hope we all decide to be bold and take that first magical step towards our best and brightest future. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for emailing. Thank you for simply being you. I appreciate it so much!