Musings: On Letting Your Mind Drift...

Do you make time to stop and think? It sounds silly, but most of us are so event-driven that we don't proactively plan our days - much less our lives. My best ideas always come to me when I'm doing nothing related to work or creativity whatsoever. I'll be deep in a yoga session or conditioning my hair and there it is - the elegant solution to a persistent challenge. Creatives have long known that ideas don't always come when you're in the midst of your work. Sometimes you need to step back and gain perspective on your situation.

Runners know what I'm talking about. Those head clearing miles fix the world. What works even better than a sweat session? Travel. Travel gives you quite literal perspective on your entire life and helps you minimize the distractions and focus on what's really important. 

What to do? Exercise. Travel. Meditate. Get alone once a day with your thoughts in a situation where you're doing something unrelated to your normal tasks. Do the laundry, wash the windows... do something that's physical and you can get in the prized "zone" and let your thoughts come to you unforced. 

I find that exercise outside or at the gym/studio is idea. No distractions. No phone. No email. No agenda except to get into the moment and let your mind go. It is in that moment you'll find not only a font of wisdom, but a wealth of ideas and solutions for all of life's little issues. It's freedom. That still small voice is the source of such wise advice. 

Try it this week. Take a bubble bath, head to SoulCycle or go for a long jog. Just get out, get moving and set your thoughts free to rise up without judgement and present the answers you've been seeking. I can almost promise you a more sorted life, a more organized outlook and a more driven, focused you. Sounds great, right? Now go make it happen! 


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