Spectacular Properties: Gorgeous West Coast Escapes...

When I grown up, I want to own a handful of rental properties like this villa in Del Mar. Just look at those views? Holy smokes. And at a $1500 per night surely I could use the income to make a dent in those California property taxes and such. It sleeps 13 and is so fabulous it was was featured in the July 2013 San Diego Home and Gardens magazine. This gorgeous place is walking distance to shops and a mile from the beach. Hello, home away from home!

And did you see the cool bedroom with the bunk beds? Certainly not just for kids. My favorite parts are the open air areas including those slide-away doors in the kitchen. Amazing. 

This pad is pimped and perfect. Ahhhh... goals. I now have a new one: own several insanely gorgeous luxury rentals. 

It seems the more significant earnings would seem to be found in Oprah's hilly enclave of Montecito. This expansive (and expensive) 53 acre pad will set you back a neat $12,500 per week. Not to worry, it sleeps a dozen so you & your friends can each chip in just over a grand per week (actually not unrealistic when broken up that way compared to a hotel) to stay in this private hillside sanctuary. Pretty gorgeous if you ask me. This gated retreat are yours for the taking if you've got the cash to spare (and the minimum seven days to stay). 

There's one more I have to show you but I can't find it right now. Stay tuned and I'll showcase my ultimate rental and the home I'd actually love to own myself. Happy real estate dreaming!