The Art of Living: Write It Down. Get It Done.

Let me guess... you got this, right? You've got a mental list or a scrap of paper somewhere (wasn't it just here?) with your to do list on it. Or part of your to do list. Sorry, Charlie. This approach to life isn't going to land you in Forbes anytime soon. Putting pen to paper (yes, a pen to actual paper) is the only way to go. 

Time and time again studies and examples have proven that the very act of writing down not only your "to do" list but your "to BE" list will radically alter your future. The very process of articulating to yourself what you intend to accomplish ("build prototype" or "book first training session with Matt") is enough to begin propelling you in the direction of DOING the thing you intend to do. By writing it out in bold black and white (or blue medium tip, as I prefer) is enough to begin changing your perception of the task. It now becomes an ACTION item on your life list. It's now in front of you as a more concrete facet of your life. Before it was just a thought or a "should" and now it is a MUST. But... you've got to write it down. 

I'm don't mind embarrassing myself by telling you that I prefer not only a pretty little journal but a pretty little pen. Sorry, it's true. Perhaps it makes it all so much more enjoyable to do. Regardless of the "why" I can tell you that having one set destination for fresh ideas, "aha" moment, clear thoughts and daily "to accomplish" lists helps keep my creative brain focused. 

Best part? Crossing out things I've done. Oh, yeah. This is incredibly satisfying. It tells my brain that I'm getting closer to my goals. It feeds my subconscious a steady diet of "you go, girl!" reinforcement to encourage me to keep doing this very small act of life discipline. 

Will you join me on this? Will you buy into this concept? Will you just WRITE. IT. DOWN?Will you?

If you're lured by pretty things (as I clearly am) give Anthro a try. They have these pretty botanical notebooks (I die!) and these artsy marbled versions as well. Pretty pens don't hurt either (especially those with caps that keep you from having mishaps in your handbag) You'd be surprised by how a small investment (all of these are less than $17) can make your lofty dreams suddenly seem more fabulous and your action items seem more important. Do it. Do it and watch your life change and your days stop blurring together. Do it and do yourself the favor of actually running your days instead of having them run you (and run you over). 

So... what is your assignment? It's simple. Get yourself a notebook, a journal, an agenda or SOME specific bound book to write EVERYTHING down. Get one fast, honey, because we're already midway through January. Next: actually write it down. "It" can be anything, but the more you express, the more you'll accomplish. 

Now... go out there and be the Beyonce you were meant to be.