Perspective: Make It Happen...

Consider this your nudge to chase your dreams. I promise you this: NO ONE is going to work harder to make your dreams come true. No one has the same passion for your life that you possess. No one has the exact dreams you hold in your heart. 

What do I want? The ability to travel comfortably and slowly and really enjoy each destination. I want a closet full of pretty dresses and shoes. I want a house on a hill overlooking the water. I want a handful of amazing girlfriends to laugh with and grab for days out & about. I want radiant health to enjoy my life. I want a gorgeous home filled with beautiful things I've designed and created. I want sunshine. I want a butt kicking (and booty tightening) yoga instructor to take me to the next level. And the level after that. I want a passport with an excess of stamps from far-flung locations and dreamy destinations. I want to feel fabulous, look flawless and live a life of laughter and adventure. I want enough Benjamins in the bank to put me at ease about the present and far into the future. That's what I want. 

And I know better than anyone that I'm the one who has to chase these dreams for myself because they are nearest and dearest to my heart. I'm the one who sees them. I'm the one who needs them. I'm the one who has to has to hustle to make it all become reality. 

The same is true for you. Have you written down your goals? Have you physically authored your 2015 plans? No? Then read this and start working, honey!  

A few things I'm going to add to the mix to make sure my plans come to life...


PB Teen Gilt Pinboard // Make It Happen Pink Notebook // Yours Sincerely Note Card Set

Why the gilt pinboard? I definitely believe in the power of visualization. See it, believe it, experience it seems to be the name of the game. It reinforces the words you'll no doubt have jotted down in your journal (hint, hint). Put up what moves you. For me this is a collection of gorgeous people, places and things. But I'm also keen on adding fabrics and other non-traditional inspiration board objects. It's all about creating an energy and an emotion. 

Why the note cards? Manners matter. Send thoughtful cards. Write heartfelt notes. Care enough to send a "thinking of you" letter to friends and family. Congratulate people. They will remember and it will reinforce (and create) meaningful relationships. 

Now... go "make it happen" people!