Wardrobe Management: Maximizing the Minimum...

We're presently in the process of redesigning our master closet. Although I've edited my wardrobe ad nauseum in the public forum before, my desire to drastically reduce the contents of said closet have never been greater.

When it comes to what I wear on a daily basis I am always amazed at my "greatest hits" list and the frequency of wear I demand from those chosen few. Ruched black boatneck tee? Expect to see me in one of these any given day of the week. Long sleeve cowl neck whisper thin sweater? You can bet I'm rocking this every opportunity I get. Dark rinse skinny jeans? Save the rest: I'm wearing my two fave pairs like nobody's business. 

While my accessories fall into the "untouchables" category, most of my dresses, pants and tops would barely be missed if I woke up to find them gone. Suddenly the idea of having nothing but those curated accessories and a tiny little collection of black and white tops sounds downright dreamy.

It dawns on me (again, but perhaps this time impressed upon a more readied mind) that most of my hanging wardrobe possessions are merely filler for the classic basics I long to own. That in fact, I don't love most of my clothing at all (accessories, jackets & coats excluded). It seems silly to plan a rod upon which to hang dresses and tops I'm less than overjoyed to own. It finally occurred: I've finally reached the moment I've been waiting for. The moment when I'm ready to let the bulk of my closet goodies go "buh bye" for good. 

A close friend just returned from Paris and observed firsthand what I saw to be true in Europe. Those girls invest in a few select quality pieces (or at least the best they can afford) and work their magic to make that minimum wardrobe look like maximum style. Fewer foundational pieces. More emphasis on accessories & versatile styling. Less manifesting as much, much more. Her take-away from the trip was that less is so very much more and that our European sisters are free from the burden of excess that so often shackles us here. 

This isn't about depriving yourself. Quite the opposite, in fact. It's about spoiling yourself by way of owning more carefully selected pieces. It's about investing in the absolute best quality and never (ever) compromising on fit. It's about celebrating truly great pieces and developing a highly functional closet that serves you - not the other way around. It's the exact practice I've been preaching but upon closer inspection it seems my closet is full of fluff rather than treasured gems. 

So as we plow through yet another year let's make a decision to not be weighed down by our possessions. Let us own only things we truly love and cherish. Let us be crazy about each thing (and living creature) in our lives. Let's get rid of the "stand-ins" and make room for the stars of the show in this wildly short experience known as life. The edit is on, dear friends. Truly, it is on.  

Let it go, and set yourself free.