Musings On: The Comfort of a Routine...

{Photo via yours truly,  Franki Durbin }

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

Those type-A leanings often result in me "rebelling" against my organized nature, only to quickly return to the comfort of my beloved routine(s). There's a peace and a grounding in predictable schedules and almost guaranteed output.

Quite simply, when I follow my naturally structured leanings I'm a powerhouse of productivity. True productivity. When I deviate from the path I'm busy, stressed and not getting anything of meaning done. I like routine. I crave it. I don't tire of it. It brings me comfort - and who doesn't love comfort? 

What does this mean? It means I love (and I do mean LOVE) a list. It's two-sided, with a vertical line down the center of the page. One one side there are client/professional must-achieve goals. On the other, I list out personal must-do's for the day. Pens must be ballpoint and blue (preferably those old classic Papermate pens!) and each item is promptly scratched off the list once achieved. Each day I rewrite a fresh list carrying over any remaining goals/to-do's that are still relevant. 

It's important to note here that goals and "to-do" items are not the same. Dreaming is a form of planning, and good dreaming will surely help you define your goals. Goals 9to be achieved) should be broken down into actionable tasks. "Win 9 new clients" is a goal. "Call XYZ" is a task. Know the difference and make your goals achievable by mapping out simple (read: non-intimidating and easy to complete) to-do items that help you achieve one goal after another. 

Another note: avoid filling up your "to-do" list with random things that will only make you busy. 



What one thing, if done well, makes all of my other tasks easier or irrelevant?  


Tip: If you've been avoiding it or dreading it, it's probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing on your list. Tackle it first and let the sense of accomplishment and calm wash over you. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Yes, those responsibilities you're ducking are the things keeping you up and night. Handle them during the day TODAY and sleep in peace tonight. 

So... who's ready for a little daily planning session? Whip out your journal, notebook or agenda and write down that ONE thing you know you need to handle. Then, drink your coffee, put on your game face and handle it. 

Living an optimized life means developing reliable, self-serving routines. It means handling your business and making decisions/taking action when necessary and when possible. It means getting a grip and getting a handle on yourself and your life. Master yourself, develop  good habits and see your sense of confidence improve drastically. See your productivity explode. See your life take a drastic turn for the better. 

Whatever it eating you this week: handle it. Step up, step out, handle it. I believe in you!