Interview: Going More Than Skin Deep with the Beauty Experts at Unit Skin Studio...

{ via  by Slavasan Lynam}

{via by Slavasan Lynam}

Instagram friends will have caught a glimpse of my tour of Dallas's Unit Skin Studio a few weeks back. The ultra-chic derm-on-demand outpost is novel in its approach and refreshing in its design. Nestled inside popular Preston Hollow Village at Walnut Hill and N. Central Expressway, this gleaming, light-filled space is a study in chic design (think: Slim Aarons photography lining the walls) and minimalist appeal. But to really tap into the true beauty of Unit's unique approach, we'll have to go more than skin deep. 

Rather than gush about their seriously state-of-the-art offerings and proprietary products (yes, they have them!), I'll let the experts on the team do the speaking. Please enjoy this in-depth interview with the delightful founder Lindsey Pineyro and partner & lead practitioner Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS. These ladies and the entire team were so generous with their time when I visited the location. I was wowed by the design of the space, of course, but it only took moments to suss out how passionate and knowledgeable the team was about their professional pursuit. Without further ado, here is what they shared: 

FD: Lindsey, from the moment you walk in the door at Unit Skin Studio, the atmosphere is decidedly stylish. Slim Aarons photography, modern furnishings & natural organic accents. Serene and professional but incredibly chic. Sandra credited you with the design for the interiors - which are amazing from start to finish. Can you tell me where you drew upon for your influences for the beautiful space? 
Lindsey Pineyro: I’ve always had a passion for interiors and really thinking outside the box.  We wanted Unit to feel like your ultra-chic living room that you never had.  From the coffee tables designed by Bret Comber out of Vancouver to the Stark Rug on the floor we thought of everything. 

We feel you can never go wrong with Slim Aaron I mean he defines luxury and jet-setting at its best and a picture is worth a thousand words.  It’s not just about coming to Unit for a “treatment” it’s about the way you feel when you are here, there is something that is drawing you the space.  We believe every touch point has a meaning from the Nespresso Coffee to the receipt paper it all matters to us. 

FD: I chatted with Sandra Witten and your team about everything from good moisturizers to laser resurfacing. From my discussions with Sandra and other team members it is clear your team is very, very knowledgeable about modern skincare technology.  appreciate that these advanced professional services are accessible in a boutique in a mixed use retail center. Why did you choose the Walnut Hill location for Unit? 
UNIT: Great question!  We chose Preston Hollow Village for many reasons!  We felt as though it would encompass a sense of community with all the great restaurants and residential space going in.  We knew that PHV needed a strong buy in from the community and held a high standard to the tenants coming into the center.  We were right on point with our choice.  From PHV we can serve the greater community plus individuals making their way home down the 75 corridor. 

FD: I was very impressed to see that your team has has developed your own line of professional grade skin care products. Unit MD Advanced Dermacare is not your typical line of serums and moisturizers. Between R&D and packaging, this is a major investment that’s been made in the brand. What drove the decision to develop your own line rather than carrying the typical skin care spa / dermatologist office brands?
UNIT: Here are Unit we wanted to be able to offer the best services and the best products!  As you can imagine there are many choices in the market place and yes some of them are great just like our line, however you cannot put a price on being able to speak to a true professional about your skin care needs as well as how our products can be incorporated. 

Investing in your skin is a commitment and we want to make sure that our clients feel confident in their curated plan when they leave.  Our line is unique in many way, we have the ability to compound some of our products such as Porcelain to the perfect strength for your skin!  You cant find that at the department store!

FD: Dallas loves its beauty treatments! Obviously the usual suspects - chemical peels and injectibles - are popular. You explained the myriad benefits of the Micropen and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to me. These were treatments I’d never considered and I’m very intrigued by the concept. What results could a client expect to see from Micropen and PRP Therapy?  
UNIT: Micropen + PRP AKA “The Vampire Facial” is one of the most cutting edge technologies available for skin rejuvenation. This technology was discovered from wound healing research and has been popularized for its effects in sports medicine. Tiger Woods and tennis great Rafael Nadal have received the benefits of PRP for their orthopedic injuries.

Micro needling alone, provides amazing results. Also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) the micro pen creates tiny wounds into the dermis. The skin responds to this “injury” by creating collagen. The cells that are responsible for this wound healing and collagen production “speak” to each other as they did when they were much younger, creating a robust collagen response. We apply the patients own plasma topically, which is chalk-full of the their own stem cells. Nothing can talk to your own collagen like your own stem cells. The result? Turbo-charged collagen like a Maserati! What does this mean for me? Thicker, more dense skin. less sagging, fine lines and wrinkles reduced, and texture like a baby’s derriere!

(Editor's Note: hello, fountain of youth! Albeit a bit intimidating based upon the description, my curiosity is definitely piqued when it comes to the Vampire Facial! If I dare to do it, I'll be sure to showcase it here and on Insta!)

FD: What other Unit treatments seem to be trending since you’ve opened your doors?  
UNIT: Vampire facial hands-down.

(Editor's Note: Interesting!!!) 

FD: For those on the fence about seeing a skin care specialist to address concerns or simply to develop a preventative skin care routine, what can you tell that that describes the Unit Skin Studio difference?  
UNIT: Unit, Neimans or Nordstrom? Every Dallasite goes somewhere for her skin care. The Unit difference is the quality of the products, and the medical degrees standing behind them. We have prescription strength skin care, that must be dispensed under the supervision of a medical professional. Think of it as over-the-counter vs prescription strength.

Which would you choose? Sandra is a degreed medical professional with 20 years of dermatology experience and Plastic Surgery experience pre dating that… Who would you rather have analyzing your skin care needs? She can also write prescriptions if you have any other dermatological issues. Hop over from Neimans, to Unit, you skin will be in great hands!

FD: Is there one star in the line?
UNIT: Vitality!

FD: And finally - any takeaway tips you can offer readers for caring for their skin each day? 
UNIT: Sandra's mantra - Retin-A at night and sunscreen in the morning is like brushing your teeth for your skin.

(Editor's Note: NOTED! Reassuring to read this and know that I'm doing this faithfully.)

Well... now that we've tapped into their serious skin care genius, I'd love to share a promotion happening now: 

Unit Skin Studio is offering for the month of October in honor of Halloween. Through October when you buy one Vampire Facial at Unit Skin Studio, you'll get one half off! Nothing can speak to your body like your own stem cells. Below is a list of just a few of the benefits from the Vampire Facial, known technically as the Platelet Rich Plasma Facial. 

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Builds collagen up to 1,000X faster than normal facial treatments 
  • Helps with tone and texture of the skin - sun spots, melasma 
  • Can be administered year round - no need to worry about avoiding the sun
  • Little to no downtime 
  • Little to no discomfort 

"Vampires may be scary, but our vampire facial is anything but! No tricks, just treats with our amazing Vampire Facial. Treat yourself this Halloween! This October Unit Skin Studio is offering a special so tempting, it's spooky! When you buy one Vampire Facial in October, you'll get one half off!"

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So, girls and boys? What do you think? Is micro-needling something you'd consider? I'm curious, but I'm also keen to explore their skin care line. What makes it unique is its formulation and efficacy. They will not be able to sell it online, as it is more potent than the products available online without a prescription.  Before you plop down another $400 for a promised fountain of youth at a department store, consider swinging by Unit to explore their incredibly well priced line. Please tell Lindsey and the team I sent you. And if you do try micro-needling I would LOVE to see and hear all about it!