Feeling Bookish: New Releases for the Book Lovers On Your List...

By now it has dawned upon us all that gift giving season is upon us. Thankfully, books are almost always a welcome sight during the flurry of present-swapping occasions to come. Today I'll share a few titlesof highly anticipated recent releases. These are hardcovers you'll be inspired to share with your design-loving friends around the globe. 

First up, Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman, The Bazaar Years. If you've ever wanted to peer into the mindset of a creative visionary at the helm of a major publication, this book offers just that. Featuring every issue of Harpers Bazaar under her keen eye, this lovely book gives us a closer look at Vreeland's influence over the magazine and a visual history of her celebrated editorial eye. Less about the woman herself than, say, The Eye Has to Travel or Memos, Modern Woman is still a volume Vreeland fans will want to add to their library on this iconic influential woman. 


Axel Vervoordt Living With Light was a treat to read this summer. It's the kind of book you keep at the top of any stack because you find yourself wanting a visual feats here and there. Spaces filled with the key elements of the firm's signature style - a mix of old and new pieces and the four horsemen of design: light, water, metal, wood - make these sunbeam filled rooms sing. Amidst all that stunning sunlight is an enviable display of modern design that leaves you feeling warm and curious, not cold and start. I love the emphasis on client artwork and the "light as air" feel each project evokes. Longtime fans will absolutely love this book. New inductees to the Vervoordt club will discover an urgent need to go back and collect his other must-have books. (An urge I encourage you to act upon!)


And then there was Carrier and Company: Positively Chic Interiors. Principals Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller have been pushing out killer projects for some time. It comes as little surprise that style-savvy Vendome would delight us with a gorgeous (and hefty!) book celebrating their always fun style. This duo turns out projects in a fearless mix of classic meets contemporary style. As much as I study the generously sized pages I can't find a signature "look" for their work, and that ability to create truly unique results is what has garnered them celebrity attention and a bold faced list of clients. Did I mention Anna Wintour wrote the foreword? Enough said! 


And finally, the one... the only, Jeffrey Bilhuber. In American Master, we get a massive dose of his design prowess in one beautifully executed. If there is one takeaway from reading this (and there are MANY), the unspoken message is that it takes deep confidence to produce his style of work. Jeffrey has a fearless approach to dramatic design and while the spaces themselves are approachable and livable, the architectural and design decisions he makes on the path to those results would cause most designers to hit the pause button. Spanning his 30-year career, the pacing of the book is driven by sharing thirty different credos that guide Bilhuber’s work, including such phrases as “What’s liberating is to be fearless” and “Rooms should reveal themselves gradually over time.” 

Four fantastic books, four fantastic gifts. Whether you're lining your own library walls or beginning to plot out those holiday gifts, any of these titles will surely win you the affection of the recipient. Happy reading, everyone!