Current Obsession: Amethyst Tufted Slipper Chair...

Had to share... I saw this magnificent specimen in person over the weekend at Anthro. Suffice it to say I was smitten when I spied on the familiar hardwood floor. Rarely do I discover an item I wouldn't modify in some way to make it better. However... this rarified slipper chair has been styled perfectly in my opinion. I love the turned legs in front on tiny casters. I love the adged wash finish on the wood. I am wild about that perfect shade of amethyst velvet they've selected. The tufting? Done to perfection (which is not easy, as not all tufting is equal). The silhouette? Also perfect (which is a shock to me) and those antiqued brass nail heads? I'm in love. Deep, true amethyst love.

Come to mama, lovely velvet chair. And please bring an indentical twin along with you. I've got just the space for the two of you to reside side by side for your long, happy lives. {via Anthro}