Perspective: Small Steps Forward = Major Results...

I recently read a statement that caused an ah-ha moment for in my life. To paraphrase (because I can no longer find the original text) it dropped this wisdom: 

To make any life-altering changes to your life, you must select one personal daily habit and do it differently.

Boom. Simple truth. Profound impact. What might this mean for you? Does it mean getting up and working out right away every day? Does it mean changing what you do (or eat) for lunch? Does it mean making calls to family and friends each afternoon instead of surfing the web? Does it mean eating breakfast outside on the patio and watching the sunrise in lieu of grabbing a protein bar and dashing out the door? 

Most of mine will involve healthy habits or time efficiency, as these are personal priorities. Perhaps yours are financial changes. What if you skipped the $8 a day coffee shop habit and saved the cash. What if you dropped your usual lunch habit and applied that income instead toward a vacation fund? 

Think of these more as tiny pivot points that lead to big differences in our life experience. Minimal tweaks that produce dramatic emotional shifts. 

Can you think of a few small steps (or even just one) you could make in your life on a consistent daily basis that would cause a ripple effect in your life? Does it mean putting down the coffee cup and sipping matcha? Or starting your day with prayer & meditation? Or setting specific personal boundaries on when you lose hours staring at your iPhone? Maybe you could begin each day with a look at your goal sheet or inspiration board and let the messages wash over you. How might that small daily practice overflow into other areas of your life? 

What lifestyle habit could you alter that might feel like a tiny change yielding massive results?