Trendspotting: Everything's Coming Up Roses...

The more you dig into wellness, the more you'll notice certain ingredients emerging as superstars. Rose oil is such a star in the beauty arena, and it isn't going unnoticed in mainstream products. Laura Mercier recently launched a line of skincare items infused with the flower's coveted ingredient, and they are certainly not the first. It bears mentioning, because a big brand such as that anchoring a new line showcasing a singular key ingredient is an indication that we're about to see a wave of rose-enhanced beauty goods. 

I've been reading about the beautifying powers of a rose-infused mist to the face before bedtime (reportedly Mirada Kerr's KORA line holds the mist supermodels covet most). It sounds decadent and (if beauty the Giseles and Miradas are to be believed) wildly effective for nourishing, plumping and restoring lost moisture. Sign me up. I'm convinced!

Beyond the vanity counter you'll see we're in the midst of a full on rose-filled celebration of sorts. Rose gold, pale pink leather, rosé wine and all things rosebud are popping up on everything from bikinis to moisturizers. Personally I can't wait to add a bit more of this fleur to my life, and these pretty pieces make it so much more tempting to do so. I've rounded up a dozen or so of my favorite rosy goods for your enjoyment. Guaranteed to be wilt (and thorn) free. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!