Musings: On Making the Days Count...

{Peter Island, Falcon's Nest, British Virgin Islands // via  Pinterest }

{Peter Island, Falcon's Nest, British Virgin Islands // via Pinterest}

Can I tell you a secret? A "great life" isn't the result of a whirlwind voyage around the world or a crazy big windfall in your future. Those are going to lovely, yes, but they are not what matters most in this moment. 

Ready for me to drop some wisdom on you? Your dream life is closer than you imagine. It's around you right now. Your "reality" is composed of minuscule details that make up each day. That's right. Small, tiny moments that you may be overlooking each waking moment of each day are what will stack up to become the sum total of your life. Knowing this, it's time to "wake up" from your life coma and embrace each and every breath. 

That trip into the grocery store holds the potential to be an opportunity for a serendipitous introduction. Your morning commute could reveal to you the most spectacular sunrise you've ever witnessed. A text to a long-distance friend could very well be the pick me up she (or you) needed at the moment. 

It's time to embrace the now to ensure yourself a more miraculous tomorrow. Watch the sunrise. Be more mindful when someone tells you they love you. Open your eyes to the marvelous things already in your life. When we appreciate - and I mean fully appreciate and acknowledge - the bountiful goodness in our lives it will seem almost comical how much more of it flows in. 

Don't live waiting for this or that or the other to occur. Seize the beauty and miracles in your life right now. Enjoy it, Marvel at it and love every bit of it. You just might discover you are indeed living your dream life.