Beauty: A Few New Raves & Faves...

{image via  Pinterest }

{image via Pinterest}

While I'm a die-hard fan of all things in my fragrance & beauty arsenal, I'm always down for discovering new noteworthy additions or improvements.


As you may know, NEST is one of my true personal home fragrance lines. Laura Slatkin has squarely earned her floor space at Neimans and on my counters. Two weeks ago while picking up a few of my usual candles I was introduced to their new sensational scent Sicilian Tangerine. Hellooooo, olfactory senses! This intoxicating fruity scent lit my eyes up with excitement and in a split second transported me to its namesake Mediterranean island. Wow, talk about a dreary winter day wakeup. This new introduction is a welcome rush of bright tangerine with sexy mango & sultry bergamot knocked my socks off. It has since become a household superstar, finding space in both my closet (where a diffuser works winders) and my kitchen (where candles reign supreme). 


Next in my "why didn't I discover this earlier" category is Guerlain's Lingerie foundation. Let it be known, I'm not a foundation fan. For many years I've used Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer. But lately I feel it sits on top of my skin rather than settling in and seeming invisible. Ick. Has my skin changed? Have I introduced a new moisturizer serum routine? Yes to both, and it's also the dry season of winter. So perhaps it is time to move on or put this item on hold for half a beat.

After receiving a generous sample of Guerlain's product a few weeks ago I decided to take the leap and give this featherlight coverup a chance. It easily lives up to the name, as it goes on as smooth as silk and feels weightless and invisible. (Note: In Laura I wear "Nude" in MAC I've worn "NC30" and in Guerlain I seem to be exactly Beige Clair, a light shade with yellow undertones).

Make no mistake, this is definitely a foundation. I was amazed at the coverage and how it evened out my skin tone with barely a drop. I'm not keen on the resulting matte finish (I have a personal preference for dewy finishes), but the overall effect was pretty much nailing the "no makeup makeup" look. In addition, my eye makeup stayed in place all day. Even my liner. High points for that. 

I always prefer a dewy face, but lately my finished look is just too shiny and my eye makeup wanders (not good), hence the need for a fresher look. And when I tell you Guerlain's Lingerie Foundation is absolutely invisible, it is. Think: your skin... perfected via a weightless and completely undetectable product. It's amazing. No joke. 

Bottom line: I've not sworn off my coveted Tinted Moisturizer. In fact, the perfect finish comes when I combine the two products for a flawless photo-ready look. As summer returns you can surely bet I'll be returning to Laura's feather-light product but for now a mix of the two is just what the beauty doctor ordered. 

Next: my SPF. Oh... this is a tricky one. Like the Laura Mercier product, I've purchased the same UV facial protection product for many years and can't find a single fault with it. Nothing. It is absolutely magical. No stinging eyes, no running, no caked feeling. Clarins UV Plus is absolute perfection.

Why, you ask, would I rock the boat? Kate Somerville offers a version with reviews so good I can't ignore them. Her Daily Broad Spectrum 50+ Waterlight Deflector boasts spectacular reviews and offers more SPF value in addition to a host of other anti-aging benefits. Since my Clarins was running out it seemed a good time to give it a go. So far, so good. I'll keep you posted on whether this is a beauty bag mainstay or one-time fling. But make no mistake: the Clarins UV Plus is absolutely amazing and I would welcome a lifetime supply of the miraculous liquid. 

Bonus discovery: this Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette of smokey nudes is THE BOMB and is exactly what you've been wanting. It is a mix of shimmering nudes, matte ivories, deep browns and rich neutrals. Bobbi's shadows have always been my favorite for good reason: they stay in place! This double-decker compact is limited edition so get it while you can. I found mine at Neiman Marcus.  

So... Those are my new adventures in beauty & fragrance. Would love to hear your new discoveries or all-time favorites! For you savvy shoppers out there: Saks & Neimans are both having their beauty events at the moment. In addition to individual brand bonuses, each store offers a free tote filled with deluxe samples with any beauty or fragrance purchase of $125 or more. Expect to snap up some generous gifts with purchase at either event.