Loving: All Black Everything...

Thank God black on black is the go-to look for models off duty and every street style favorite out there. For good reason: this rich shade makes even a simple tee and shorts look chic. Not many colors of the rainbow can achieve such a glamorous look with little or no effort. But black, glorious black, is here to save the day every day. Strip my closet down to just black, white denim and pink and I'd be happy. Prizing black perhaps the most of that limited list. For me it exudes sophistication, luxury and a regal air regardless of the season. 



If you need further proof of noir's power as a trump card, here it is: no other color can be worn head to toe without seeming like a costume. Black on black head to toe reads tailored, polished and fabulous. I've witnessed its staying power first hand during any clean sweep activities in my closet, my black pieces tend to be firmly in "keepers" section of the edit. This is reassuring proof in the power of this timeless fashion choice. Join me on my quest for all things chic and black. I promise it's surprisingly happy and sunny here.