Musings: On Forging New Pathways...

Knowingly or not, we are largely creatures of habit. In order to change your life, you'll have to make consistent changes to your daily routine. That's right: switch up the tiny behaviors we do each day to make sweeping changes to your life. Change on a micro level is what results in big results on the larger scale. Consider your daily practices, your daily habits and your routine carefully, as you just might be walking yourself down humdrum lane without much thought. 

Need an example? Consider the cup of milk. Just one drop of red food coloring and it's now glass of rosy fluid. To the diabetic, even a tiny piece of chocolate throws the insulin levels off. That brief call home to mom might be the moment of change she needed that day. The quick hug to your neighbor might be the only one they receive that day. 

But what about you? Could you rise 30 minutes early to workout or begin writing that novel? What if you took a different way to your desk each day, deepening relationships with the marketing department rather than isolating yourself with your direct colleagues? What if you started each day with a green power smoothie instead of skipping breakfast? How would that impact your energy and output for the day? 

Do you work from home? Maybe relocating to a co-working space or a cafe would allow you to widen your circle of contacts or opportunities. On a more practical level, perhaps a sales call or introductory note once a day would put your business in front of the right clients.

Think big. Act small. Minor shifts for major impact. 

What's your personal daily challenge? What do you do each day and what do you WISH you were doing each day? Decide how you could alter your daily life right now that would bring you closer to alignment with the life you dream of living.

Is "future perfect" you fit and trim or on the front page of Fortune magazine? How does "present reality" you begin shifting into that new iteration of yourself? The truth is, transformation is what life is all about. You just have to be willing to make small daily changes to get there. 

Do you need to add something in or omit something? Consider the answer carefully. Only you know, but don't be afraid to make shifts - large or small - to yield the result you are committed to achieving. 

I urge you to do something NEW, try something different and move FORWARD on your journey to the life you truly crave. We all have something we know we should do to get us there, to put us on the map to success, to bring us deep personal satisfaction. You might not be ready for massive change, but I assure you that small tweaks in your daily behaviors ARE within your grasp.

It's time to step forward and make moving the ball forward part of your DAILY life. Even if it makes you nervous. Embrace the fear and do it anyway. Be bold. Be awesome. Be powerful. You hold the key to everything you crave right inside you - it's simply time you stopped denying yourself the opportunity to shine. 

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