Musings: On Blowing Them Away...

The key to living a life well lived is believing that the impossible is entirely possible. I'm convinced that any success I've achieved is entirely due to the way I approach new challenges. I don't overanalyze things. I simply decide to act. No overthinking. No time for self doubt. Momentum is surely one of my best assets. Why bother fearing failure? Failure is surely proof that you're trying, proof you are hustling, confirmation you are alive and thriving. 

Listen, the world might put limits on you (real or imagined). Your family might define you a certain way. Your spouse might see you another way. Often those closest to us are the very individuals who have a difficult time imagining us doing something new. But remember: that is their issue - not yours. The one person who should never shackle you or hinder your personal growth is YOU. 

The surest path to forging new paths is by making a decision and taking at least ONE small action towards that goal immediately. Don't think - just do. I can't stress this enough. You need to get inertia going towards your goals as quickly as possible. The moment you have an "ah-ha!" idea you should take swift action. Then watch yourself get caught up in a tidal wave of subsequent steps towards achieving your goal. Momentum is surely a beautiful thing and a critical key to success in any endeavor. 

Get moving. Get going. Use the currency of time more efficiently. You do indeed have as many hours in your day as Beyonce. 

Ask... What would you decide to do if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could achieve it?

Now go out there and have some fun. Wow yourself. Make the seemingly impossible your new reality.