Loving: Sunday Vibes...


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Every day of the week has a certain feeling. Sundays themselves are a study in contrast. On this last (first?) day of the week I'm always striving to eek out my last dash of indulgent guilt-free laziness while also aiming to get a jump on my goals for the coming week. Do you feel that shared sensation of tension on Sundays? I'm sure it's universal. 

How will I spend my sunny day? I like to begin with a vinyasa yoga session. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast. We'll head to church at 11 and then connect with friends and family throughout the day. I'm also working on a creative project which will surely absorb an hour or two. The best part? It will be a stunning 73 degrees here this afternoon. We plan to be outside as much as possible to take in the decadent weather - which surely won't last.

My goal (and I hope it will soon be yours as well) is to see someone special, make something beautiful and appreciate the abundance in your life. Enjoy your day and make it count! 

Happy Sunday to you all!