Personal Style: Shoe Season Has Begun...


It happened! yesterday marked what most of us in town would mark as the official first day of spring. Temperatures fluttered just below 70 degrees and today we're sure to actually bit that mark on the mercury. This means spring shoe season is ON, ladies. For me this means getting my high heel wedge sandal game in check. 

I've learned that I also prefer cork wedges versus espadrilles in terms of durability (although espadrilles are gorgeous to look at) and that there's a certain heel-to-platform ratio that works for me. Jimmy Choo nails it every time, which lands them squarely in my brand of choice category. But Stuart Weitzman and a handful of others (Jessica Simpson included) make terrific wedges as well.  

If you missed the memo, the 70s are back and what could possibly be more funky and fabulous than platform wedges and a jumpsuit. Wait... doesn't that sound like last summer? Yes, it does. But this time we're ushering in culottes and other wide bottom pants which require the silhouette balancing powers of platforms. 

I, for one, consider a shoe wardrobe of these elevated sandals a fashion must. I like a specific mix to get me through the upcoming season. What is this delicious mix? A floral option, a metallic beauty, a safari-inspired leather strappy wedge and - of course - a blush nude beauty. I've also learned to love having a black option on hand an a brightly colored version. And finally, a nude patent platform elongates the legs and adds serious length to my petite frame. Here, then, is my spring/summer shoe playlist: 


And you? What fashion element does spring usher in for you? Ruffled dresses? Eyelet blouses? Capris? I love all of those as well. I'd love to hear what's on your shortlist for the season!