Beauty: The Eyes Have It...

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Periodically I indulge in a reading a good interview of a fashionable female or two. Oh, who I am I kidding. I devour them like dark chocolate covered espresso beans. My favorite questions fall along the lines of style secrets and any beauty wisdom they are willing to impart. One such question is along the lines of must-have-or-she-might-die beauty essentials. Limited to only have three, which items would these street style stars, beauty editors and otherwise fabulous women choose? I'm always amazed when their coveted must-have essentials include a red lipstick or similar choice. Very French, very "now" but very much not my answer.  

For me, it's all about eyes. The windows to the soul. The lens to your inner camera. Likely one of your most amazing features. And, as luck would have it, also one of those areas of your skin care & beauty routine where you can enjoy a little experimentation. 

At my core I'm a lashes & black liner girl. I recently discovered my current shadow palette holy grail (Bobbi Brown Smoky Nudes), but my long-standing fave liner is in full on betrayal mode. To remedy this (and fight those midday smudges that spoil my look and my mood) I did what any savvy girl would do. I googled. And googled. And googled. Which led me to my new liner love by (who else?) Chanel. I should have known it would be flawless, fabulous and lauded by many. 

After spending time with the makeup pro at my neighboring Neimans, I'm convinced this will give me the precise ebony line I've been craving. This elegant black liner won't budge until you remove it with a quality makeup remover (like this perennial favorite).  

So... what would I insist on wearing given only three beauty items? Liner, of course. Mascara, naturally (and lots of it). And a fabulous highlighter pen. These three would not be all I'd want (because Lord knows we all need a little help achieving that "natural" glow), but they'd be all I would need. Skin care being considered separate, of course. 

How about you? What comprises your terrific trio? Your beauty essentials? Your must-have face savers?