Musings: On Focusing On Yourself....

If your aim is to please others, you've got it all wrong. Seek first to raise your standards and live up to your own expectations. Exceed them. Confidence is attractive. Self-driven success is appealing. Demonstrated personal skill is magnetic. Set high standards for yourself and exceed them. Impress yourself. Aim high and blow away your own personal best. Rest assured... the satisfaction from such private personal goal attainment is reward enough. But I've discovered time and time again that those very things you would have been chasing will soon be chasing you if you'll just BECOME the very thing you wanted at obtain.

Consider this: produce the type of work you wish to be recognized for. Be the kind of person you wish to become one day. Be the friend you hope to once day find. Host the style parties you wish to be invited to attend. Step up and move yourself to the next level through sheer will and an commitment to living a better life - to being a better you. A much better you. 

Aspire to the incredible. Achieve the awesome. Discover that you are indeed already living the dream.