Beauty: Achieving the Tantalizing Tilbury Glow...

There's little question that most of us girls covet glowing skin, toned bodies and shiny hair. As if by storm, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has taken the beauty market by storm with her line of dew-inducing, lip-enhancing, glow-achieving products. While I resisted for a moment (no one wants to be a lemming), I have now finally succumbed to the siren call of her eponymous line. And I couldn't be happier about it. 

What do I love? For me it all begins with the canvas: great skin. I've touched upon the wonders of her Magic Cream before, but what about those hours of the day when you're trying to look your best. Can you treat your skin with makeup? These days, yes. And Tilbury's dynamic duo is hailed for bringing a healthy glow to faces of all colors across the globe. What is this combo? Wonderflash & Light Wonder, her collagen-stimulating primer & lightweight foundation that pack a powerful one-two punch. 

Loaded with peptides and wrinkle-combating ingredients, Wonderflash sets the stage for a luminous all-day healthy "lit from within" glow. Topped with her flawless finish Light Wonder foundation, skin takes on that ethereal glow we're all craving. This is a duet worth singing about. 

Next up, a little high/low action helps you achieve the look of enviable cheekbones and under eye areas that convince everyone (even you) that you're sleeping 8+ hours each night. 


Replacing my staple YSL highlighting pen is Charlottes Retoucher treat & conceal pen (which almost works like a magic eraser over trouble spots). I'm amazed at how well it works to actually TREAT skin, not just camouflage spots & dark areas. 

Check to Chic blush is all over your instagram feed - and for good reason - it's gorgeous! I love the dual color or giving just the right hint of "pop" on your cheeks. BUT... I think Film Star on the Go is totally underrated. Imagine handling lips, cheeks and eyes in one little chic package? That's what this amazing little compact offers. My fave? Some Like it Hot. Finally..  finish with her MIRACLE of a powder (of which I normally am not a fan) Air Brush Flawless Finish Micro Powder. WOW is this amazing. You can't even see it once it's on and it magically helps your look last all day. Hello, closeup! 

Seriously, her line has made a major impact on my daily routine. I've spent the last month experimenting with foundations, CC creams and primers - all of which finally, desperately sent me to the Tilbury counter at Nordstrom. Could not have been more pleased to discover items that treat the skin all day while helping you look more flawless. If you choose ONE product, I suggest the Light Wonder foundation. It delivers a poreless finish with a very natural "you, only much better" look. I just love it. Alice Gloss describes this product perfectly "Imagine Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua had a baby, well this is it. " Enough said.

I've actually been experimenting with those exact two foundations (Armani & Chanel) and am happy to report that Charlotte Tilbury's Light Wonder never leaves me feeling like I have a mask on. For me it feels like a tinted moisturizer (which I love) but appearing more finished & flawless (which I need). This is presently my holy grail of foundation/tinted moisturizers. All others being kicked to the curb! 

One thing I appreciate about most of the products is their ability to serve double duty. You're hydrating or fighting free-radicals while looking fabulous. How's that for multi-tasking? Also, the prices aren't out of line with what i'd like to pay for beauty. Coming in at less than comparable brands, Charlotte Tilbury is a great value with generous sizing inside smart packaging. I think it's a makeup love story for me. Perhaps you'll feel the same with a little time at the Tilbury counter too. 

More Tilbury gushing to come soon!