Beauty: Charlotte's Magic Potion...

There's "buzz" and then there's a miracle cure for what plagues us. In this case, the would be threat is the passing of time. Much like sunblock and eye cream, it's never too soon to start battling the clock and preserving your skin. 

Popular ingredients come and go, but a few key players are all-stars in the war against aging skin. Retinol: perhaps the leader of all active ingredients. Antioxidants are also proven champions. Hyaluronic acid is yet another team player with credible results, as it temporarily plumps and "fills" the skin. And finally we have peptides. Ahhhh, peptides. These "mini protein" molecules trick the skin into producing more collagen - the substance all of us lose over time. More collagen equals a more taut, plump, lifted appearance. 

Which brings me to this new supposedly superstar product: Charlotte Tilbury's "Magic Cream" which promises a whole lotta fabulous with repeated use. Notice that not only does this pretty jar come packed with product, it arrives with specific application instructions that mimic a mini facial. What does it purport to do? Everything. Plump Define. Relax. Smooth. Lift. Tighten. Tone. Everything a beauty-loving girl could hope for, actually. And... this beautiful jar of hope rings in at $100, so those of us bellying up to the skin care bar will hope it lives up to its promises. 

Do I think it works? Reviews are nothing short of impressive. A study of the ingredients reads like a list of the industry's most favored peptides and other active ingredients. But... that application process is not to be underestimated. Want to see it in action? Watch the video below:

Am I eager to give it a go? Yes, of course. But starting tonight you can bet I'll be applying my nightly serum & moisturizer in the manner shown above. Anytime I am treated to the sublime pleasure of a facial I am reminded of why this ancient practice is so crucial for a healthy, glowing complexion. The very act of working the skin and encouraging blood circulation is a reminder that self-care is essential and - quite possibly - the reason our European sisters age so fabulously. 

Looking for your own magic potion? Aren't we all. Charlotte's "Magic Cream" might just be the one. If you try it and love it please swing back by and let me know as it has my curiosity piqued and my mind dreaming of all those powerful peptides.