Icons: Barbie's Ongoing Legacy...

Trivial fact: today marks Barbie's birthday. Born in 1959, this fair haired beauty has evolved over the years and cemented her place in history. Not convinced? Barbie is killing it on Instagram and posting selfies and street style shots you wish you could mimic. Seriously.

Trust when I tell you her wardrobe rivals Olivia Palermo... and everyone else you follow on social media. Her flowing mane and tailored outfits are perfectly shot outside of every major landmark and fashion show you might imagine. Ahhh, Barbie. To have your passport and your collection of shoes. 

If you're looking for some major fashion inspiration and hoping to up your flat lay game, look no further than the original style icon. I'm happy to say Barbie has definitely changed with the times. As a mom of two huge fans of the blonde bombshell I'm thrilled they've kept her clean cut and fabulous. Also, there seems to be an effort to downplay her epic feminine proportions. She looks flawless, approachable and largely makeup free. But that wardrobe is still dazzlingly aspirational, just the way it should be. Seriously, Barbie is killing it in 2015. Follow her and find yourself inspired every day. 

If your only exposure to the long legged legend is a passing awareness of the dolls, you'll be happy to know that Barbie is more than just pretty clothes & fabulous hair (but can we all admit those are pretty spectacular?). The movies and books are all about good triumphing over evil and staying true to yourself. The message to little girls of all shades of the rainbow is to embrace your unique truth and do the right thing. There's no hint of conforming or selfishness. Instead the stories are about bravery and standing up for what is right. Barbie is a total #girlboss in the best possible way. She takes command of her life in heels, fab clothes and a smile without ever trading in her girl card. That's something we can all applaud. 

Happy birthday, Barbie. We ♥ you!