Musings: On Daring to Grow...

{image via Nastygal & Wekoko Blog}

This week was quietly amazing. Time and again I'm impressing myself with a renewed tenacity and an unshakable belief that if there is a way I will find that way and make it happen. Everything is possible with the right belief system and consistent action. Those goal writing sessions we've discussed? Time to get on it if you haven't before. I promise there is unshakable power in putting your vision for life down on paper. 

Me? I've been sketching new ideas, writing down financial goals and defining (not unlike DVF) the woman I want to be. If I can encourage you to do anything this week it is to step way outside your comfort zone and into the faith zone. Move beyond what you've achieved in the past and decide to do what a better version of yourself would do. By consistently doing this simple process you will blossom into the fabulous human being you truly desire (and deserve) to be. 


What if this week you sketched a little, journaled a little and put some colorful dreams on paper? Perhaps for no one else to ever see except you (those dreams are the best, I believe). Think of this as your kickstart to spring. Your moment to reawaken your spirit and your inner fire. Put on some pretty new shoes, rock big audacious sunglasses and unleash the creativity that's been on hold during this painfully long winter. 

Need a good book recommendation? I have a few motivational reads you might enjoy. These two will get you started and I'll continue offering more. 


If you want to open your mind and heart to the possibilities of belief, these three books will shake your perception of what's accessible to you. Remember: it is never what you are born with or what you have - it's what you think about yourself and the consistent actions you take in life to build the dream life you desire. GO GET THESE BOOKS and open your eyes. Life is waiting for you.