Beauty: The Sweet Radiance of Roses...

A few weeks ago I referenced this lovely serum in a post about roses invading the beauty & fashion circuit at the moment. Curious about the healing qualities of rose seed oil, I added two Laura Mercier skincare products to my daily beauty routine. They promised to nourish, lock in moisture and heal my tortured winter skin - a pledge I planned to take to task.

Let me back up by offering that I've recently been using Roc Retinol serum for about a month. From time to time I've dabbled in retinol-rich products. Known to tone, plump, shrink pored, buff out fine lines and otherwise make a girl look refreshed, Roc is an easy brand to go to for over the counter fixes. I felt it was time to beef up my nighttime beauty protocol and begin mixing retinol in as a regular ingredient in my battle for beautiful skin. 

The upside: all of the above. Smaller pores, plumper skin, reduction of fine lines and an overall improvement to my visage. The downside? You must wade into the retinol waters slowly lest the skin respond with dryness and peeling. Hoping to avoid these side-effects I added the Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil and Nourishing Cream to my nightly routine. 

My thoughts? The serum is amazing. Not only is it the most delicate shade of pink (fab!), it comes with a very luxe dropper applicator which helps this germ-phobic girl feel great using (and reusing) it. The glass container is an elegant element of the bottle design too. It looks lovely on the counter, which is a nice bonus. Even better? It has babied my skin like few products ever could. Gone are any dry patches. I find I love it morning and night and am so happy to have discovered this decadent treat. Perhaps in summer it would feel too rich - BUT... it is designed to also be used for cuticles and hair. Bonus! 

Now, the cream. Oh, the cream. Like many of Laura Mercier's products it has a featherlight soufflé texture. This counterbalances its richness. I use this very sparingly on my hands and décolletage. It might be a bit too rich for my combination skin during the day, but I do find that I love adding it at night as a rich nourishing treatment. 

These are very delicate, elegant feeling products I'm happy I added to my routine at just the right time. The delicate skin around my eyes drank these concoctions right up. Turns out, roses are indeed a welcome addition to my life.  While I'm using them a bit heavy-handedly on exposed skin during this chilly & dry season, I'll be employing them year round for myriad uses. Those suggestions for healing cuticles & the ends of hair seem like fantastic summertime uses.  

If your skin could use a little recovery from stress (internal or external) and some pampering,  this little duet is just the thing to pull it (and you) out of the winter doldrums and plant you fresh faced into spring. They have combated any dryness I experienced and have aided in fast recovery from my dabbling in retinol serums.

Good luck, my beauties!  


I've really enjoyed sharing more and more of my beauty and style favorites here. I'm a brand loyalist, so I very carefully add (or nix) products in my routine. Once I find a serum, a shoe, a jacket or a mascara that works I pretty much marry it until it no longer suits me. 

Hopefully the beauty and hair posts provide solid opinions and tips so you can decide to pass on a product or experiment to see if it works for you. I'll always share my honest opinion about products - otherwise what's the point? We girls have to stick together!