Tot Fashion: Lilly Pulitzer Masters Mini Me Chic...

While we may not have snagged any of her collection for Target, we can rest assured classic Lilly Pulitzer is still available. Some of you up north may not "get it", but here in the hotter climates we love bright sundresses. Girls of all ages (even grandmothers) are proud to rock an aqua floral frock.

But do you know what's even cuter? Seeing little girls in their Lilly. Seriously, seriously cute. These cheery dresses end up being our go-to looks for summer. Now that my "baby" is technically a young girl now at three, let the fashion fun begin. These two sisters can once again rock matching looks - and if so inclined, I can join in on the flamingo bedecked fun. 

Warning: The color shy need not apply, Lilly built her eponymous business on happy colors and playful prints. Giraffes, elephants, lions, palm trees, pineapples - you name it. All in the name of festive patterns and "out there" prints that somehow read preppy, pretty and perfect. What's not to love? Get your Lilly fix here and let the sun shine on you and your mini.