Buon Weekend: What I ❤ This Week...

What a week. It's as if life - like those dormant tulip bulbs - decided to reinvent themselves as new and more beautiful forms. Me? I'm working on reinventing myself, one pretty new blusher and flare skirt at a time. Yes, it goes deeper than that, but periodically a shortcut to reinvention is to begin with what you can see and work inwards. A slight life refresh might just be what I need, and what better time than spring? With that, here's what I am loving this week: 


Dermatology appointments via your iPhone with Spruce. Not kidding. The future is indeed here. Alas, Texas is not yet one of the states offering this service, but those of you in NY, PA, FL and CA are in luck. Download the new app for derm advice & prescriptions for just $40 without ever stepping foot in an office. 


Beauty bloggers make me so, so happy. Where do I begin with the massive list of girls worth reading? I'll start with my present faves: the Beauty Professor, Lily Pebbles, and Vivianna Does Makeup. There are dozens of others I read, but these do a great job of getting into the nitty gritty of each product they get their manicured paws on. Why the addiction? Fiscal sanity, frankly. Studying their likes, dislikes and weeding out winners from losers at the department store beauty department saves me tremendous time and energy. And, you bet: dinero. That's not to say you won't have to get out and get samples yourself to find your beauty & skin care mainstays, but these girls work hard to reviews new (and existing) products so you don't have to. 


My mother LOVED to make quiche when I was growing up. While I always assumed it was due to it's creamy texture and flavorful taste, I'm also keen to suspect she realized it was a brilliant solution to lazy Sunday brunches. While I prefer frittatas for their crustless (and gluten-free) ways, the spirit of the recipe is still the same. Mix it. Bake it. Enjoy it. I've rounded up a few great recipes here, here and here to help you navigate your Easter brunch contribution like a boss. 

Hosting? Bake a frittata, pair with a leafy salad, offer homemade sparkling lemonade and call it a day. You win the hostess game. Pro tip: add (nitrate-free) bacon, no matter the recipe. Everyone will thank you and come back for seconds. Oh, and did you know these are easily made to be paleo-friendly? Bonus, right? 

New to frittatas? They are God's gift to chic but busy hostesses everywhere. Seriously. Get schooled with this handy list from Bon Appetit outlining a few pitfalls to avoid while preparing these one-dish wonders. 


It's that time again. Spring. Which means legs and skin must be ready for use and maximum exposure. Me? I'm all about workouts that require little more than body weight. Yoga ranks high, as do those Brazilian workouts guaranteed to lift your rear into gear. Try this 5 minute workout and Ali Kamenova's wide range of yoga videos. I also like to mix in a little Ballet Beautiful when I can. Get moving, mix it up, start juicing, drink lots of water and clean up your diet - fast. Spring is already here. 


Warms days mean heading outside every chance we get. It also means drawing inspiration from neighbors and magazines for how to de-winter your home. I'm crushing on pretty floral wreaths for my front door and boxwood wreaths layered over mirrors. I'm also planting herbs for our kitchen windowsills like it's going out of style. Hopefully this is the year my green thumbs emerge in lieu of my traditional plant-killer signature style. 

Here are a few faves from Terrain, which is quickly becoming my new shopping obsession as it offers major horticulture inspiration. Even for those of us with a rack record for killing even the most hardy of plants. Hey, a girl can dream, right? 

Spring in Bloom Wreath // Quilted Pot Blooming Oregano // Larkspur Garden Wreath

Happy weekend, everyone!