Beauty: All Lathered Up...

Some might say that those who cherish scented soaps are literally pouring money down the drain. I would assert that life is too fleeting to waste an opportunity to experience an uplifting fragrance. Could a simple hand wash change your life or bubble bath be a momentous occasion? Olfactory senses being the memory imprints they are, I'll say yes to both of these. There are great moments in life that all come back in a flash when the right fragrance re-enters my life. A simple pump of lemon scented liquid might transport you back to a sunny afternoon on Capri. Bergamot and ylang ylang in a warm bath might make you dream of that crazy week in Havana. Memories have strong ties to scents. Perhaps it's not too much of a stretch to believe that a great smelling hand soap in your guest bath might trigger a future smile for friends and family. 

Do I have personal favorites? You know I do! I'm breaking them down from body washes to bubble baths, and yes... even hand soap. Perhaps you'll discover a few new aromatic favorites. I encourage you to look beyond sub-standard bubble makers and treat lathering up as the special occasion it is. You truly only live once.  

Before dipping in I'll share that most of my favorites are fruit-based scents. Florals can be fabulous or flops, but I've rarely encountered a mango soap I didn't love. Also: It's possible I'm the only girl on the planet who actually dislikes the scent of lavender. Knowing this, expect to encounter some fabulously fruity fragranced products below.  



The lesson here is this: never miss an opportunity to transform the mundane into something magnificent. Even a quick trip to the kitchen sink can be moment indulging in small personal luxuries. Enjoy it!