Tot Fashion: Our Garden Party with Kate Mack...

{All photos above property of yours truly, Franki Durbin}

It's no secret I love dressing these two little girls. A four year gap in their ages lends them a distinctly big sister / little sister dynamic. It's much easier to get a toddler dressed (and keep her clothes on) if she's inspired to look like her cooler sister. Our saving grace is a handful of brands that they both enjoy equally and that allow matching or coordinating outfits. 

While many of their "playground" clothes are from J. Crew and Tea Collection, no outfits are favored more than their Kate Mack / Biscotti pieces. These are always the most feminine, the most fabulous and the most beautiful pieces in the closet. 

If some of these pictures look familiar, they are from last year's photo shoot with my little ones frolicking in their Garden Party dresses from Kate Mack's spring/summer collection. They've worn these little pink creations countless times since then. Easter, tea parties, princess dress-up moments and just having fun - these ruffly dresses will possibly make an appearance. My favorite part? While frilly in appearance, they don't cause itching or scratching. At all. Rarely are pretty dresses comfortable, but these chic mesh-fabricated dresses wear just as effortlessly as an "everyday" look.  

We are constantly on the lookout for new pieces to add. Since Kate's seasonal colors and styles overlap, it makes it easy to coordinate one season's pieces seamlessly with the next. My oldest only stops wearing her Kate Mack (or Biscotti as it's often known) pieces once she's' outgrown them - then my littlest inherits them. It's a fabulous system. 

If she's being candid, my oldest would probably share that she loves that the outfits coordinate but aren't perfectly identical. My budding fashionista loves being just a bit different from her little sister. Who can blame her? Fashion is all about personal expression and showcasing your uniqueness. 

Since they've worn them so many times, I thought it would be fun to share the various "lives" the dresses have lived. I can say without hesitation that my daughters have made amazing memories in these little dresses. As a mom who adores her children, I can't possibly ask for more than that. I'm always thrilled when something they own brings them - and me - this much joy. 

Side note: you can find these brands at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus (typically in-store, not online) & Nordstrom. (Insider tip: past season treasures can also occasionally be found at will want to look under Kate Mack and Biscotti brands. Kate Mack offers more bathing suits online but if you search far & wide (especially on the brand's flagship site) you'll find full outfits for little & big kid sizing. Biscotti leans more towards baby & toddler apparel.  

On durability: Don't be put off by the delicate appearance. We have been astounded at the quality and construction of every piece we've ever purchased. This entire brand gets high marks from me, a very difficult mommy to please in the fashion department. We have coats, bathing suits, tunics, leggings and dresses all from this company and my only complaint is that my local stores don't carry more of it. (Perhaps I should have realize that dream of having my own children's boutique!)

Happy weekend, everyone!